Del Norte Students for Life

Our club's mission is to promote the dignity of all persons (preborn and born) and to educate society about the culture of life. We advocate to protect the natural right to life for all. Our club runs charitable drives for pregnancy centers who help women in crisis pregnancy centers. We also hold training and discussion events as well as movies and voter activism in order to work towards our goal of saving millions of babies from abortion and promoting the equality of all people.

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1/3 of our generation is missing. Since the Roe vs Wade court case in 1973 confirmed the legalization of abortion, almost 60 million babies have been aborted in the United States alone. 60 million babies have not been allowed to live long enough to watch a sunset or give a hug. 60 million babies were never given the chance to see a rainbow. 60 million babies never got to laugh at a joke or smile at the world. 60 million lives were ended before they even had a chance to take their first breath.

Abortion not only ends the life of an unborn child, it harms women and often leads to years of regret. It also promotes racism towards minority groups and sexism because the abortion industry targets minority communities and allows women to choose to abort based on the gender their child. Children with disabilities also account for a disproportionate amount of abortions.

This discrimination needs to end.

It is up to you to end these inequalities in society and to promote the respect of all life, no matter age, race, gender, or abilities. We need your help to fight for the equality of every person because every person’s life is valuable. Not another day of discrimination must go by. The time to act is now. We must act now to protect equality and the right to life for all including women, children, minorities, and people with disabilities. We must act now to support women in crisis pregnancies and to spread awareness of this critical issue in America.

Every single person deserves an equal chance at life.

Del Norte Students for Life works to advocate for the equal rights of all people and fight for every person’s right to life. We work to save babies and help women in crisis pregnancies so that they know that ending their babies’ life is not their only option and that there are people to love, support, and help them get the resources they need. We support women by showing them that they can be mothers while achieving their dreams. Our club has run supply drives for local pregnancy centers, hosted events and trainings to raise awareness about the harm of abortion, and encouraged discussions at Del Norte about this important issue. We have also taken part in pro-life chalk days as well as voter calling days to raise awareness of the abortion issue in our community.

Join Del Norte Students for Life to join a growing movement of pro-lifers nationwide and to fight for the recognition of the human dignity of all persons. We can’t wait for you to join us!
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Club Email: [email protected]
Club President Name: Kathryn Schneider