Gardening For Change

Our club is an environmental activism club that focuses on what we can do in our community. We plan to build a garden at DNHS after the pandemic, so right now we are focused on making a podcast interviewing people in our community about social and political issues. This club is meant to be a fun safe space where we participate in activism!

Additional Info

Hello all! The Gardening for Change club focuses on both the physical and social “climate” of our community. We participate in social and political activism around our community, and aim to educate our community about important world issues. We do trash pick ups, create resources about saving energy and water, and petition for climate legislation to be put in place in our community. Our club is also a mental health space, where we do club activities to push for community bonding. Our club is a place where we can have fun, and make change!

contact info

Club Email: [email protected]
Club President Name: Anneliese Peerbolte