Stem Club

 Stem club encourages everyone to pursue their own personal interests in the STEM field (not just the standardized ones preexisting in high school). There has been a diverse range of respective subjects presented, ranging from artificial intelligence and paleontology to group theory, mathematical rigor, and topology. In addition, students are able to work in groups with others who share similar interests, promoting collaboration and teamwork. Our goal is for everyone to have fun and learn something new each meeting.

Additional Info

Our club will strive towards a vibrant, respectful, and stress-free community, where every individual can openly communicate their respective passions. We aim to work both inside and outside of school, as well as promote collaboration and presentation skills.

Inside of school, our club will meet once a week at the designated time and place. During this time, members will split into groups of three to four people. Likewise, you can work alone if you want (all this will be online for now). In that meeting, the group will present the topic that they researched that month, as well as make activities for everyone and answer questions. These topics are not assigned - each presentation is about what the specific person/group loves.

Meanwhile, outside of school, we offer volunteer work (we had food bank trips during the pandemic).

ig: @delnortestem

contact info

Club Email: [email protected]
Club President Name: Joseph Zhai