ArtHub Education

The members of ArtHub are gathered by our common interest in art.
Our goal in joining hands for ArtHub is to inspire creativity and excellence with our exciting and enjoyable art education program. We hope to make high quality art classes accessible for everyone.

Additional Info

With 180+ sign-ups from all over San Diego, ArtHub has helped many young artists(Age 8 - 16) enrich their extra curriculum and stay connected during the pandemic. As members of ArtHub, we host weekly Zoom classes to explore various art techniques with our students. We currently have 7 classes, including but not limited to character designing, scenery and digital class. In addition, we attempted to combine Art and Biology to help our students explore the field of life science in a creative way. Each club member can decide which class to teach at the beginning of the term and form teams with others who share the same interest in teaching that class. There are 12 classes in each term .Each class lasts about 1 hour and the teams will decide the teacher for the preceding week.

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There will be an interviewing process after the submission of your application.

contact info

Club Email: [email protected]
Club President Name: Andrew Zhang