Indian Society Club

Our goal is to bring people together by sharing the vibrant and fun culture of India with everyone and to experience the fun of Hindu culture with each other, regardless of ethnicity or religion. We are not seeking to educate anyone on our culture, but rather to celebrate and share the fun parts, such as food, movies, and events such as Holi (Color festival), Diwali (Festival of Lights), Garba (Dance festival), and more!

Additional Info

Indian Society Club Del Norte (ISCDN) has branches in many other schools, including Canyon Crest, Westview, Scripps, and High Tech High (North County). In this club, we do not seek to educate anyone on our culture or religion, but instead to enjoy the fun aspects of Indian culture and also emphasize community bonding.

We have been planning online events that we can do, such as club movie nights in between the schools where we have branches, fundraisers for charity, as well as smaller specific events for ISCDN members. We will also be either hosting or attending events like Holi (Color Festival), Diwali (Festival of Lights), Garba (Dance festival), and more!

As of now, we plan to hold meetings every other week on Fridays at 4 pm through Zoom. We'll host club movie nights, bonding activities, and even work with fundraisers for charity. Meetings will be both across schools with our other branches and we will also have smaller specific events for ISCDN members only.

More information:

contact info

Club Email: [email protected]
Club President Name: Shreya Sapkal and Vaishavi Jayashankar